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We harness the power of technology to analyze your office space and recommend a hybrid workplace design, custom-tailored to the way you work – we call it a Friday PM Space

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To guide you through your workplace evolution journey, we provide an integrated suite of secure, cloud based apps in one technology platform:

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Sensor based

Eliminates guesswork, providing data on how your workplace is actually being used.

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Ai driven

Helps to define your workplace evolution journey, converting numerous charts and metrics into easy to follow actionable insights.

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Consolidates your most important office-related services and processes.

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Saves your organization time and money by streamlining logistics and communication.

Measure everything about your workplace

Friday PM's propriety vision sensor system digitizes every corner of your workplace and makes previously 'invisible' processes traceable so that they can be analyzed and optimized.

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Workplace analytics powered by deep learning

Discover where and how people work; what group sizes they congregate in; how many workplaces they occupy; and which meeting rooms and seats they use.

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Decision intelligence at your fingertips

Using AI algorithms, Friday PM simplifies complex data analysis and performs analytics automation across a range of data points, resulting in narrative-based, easy-to-follow and actionable insights.

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From insights to actions

An integrated workplace management component combines workplace orchestration and sustainability management into a single platform.

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Make your office COVID-secure

Make sure that your office is social distancing compliant—and resolve issues in areas that are not.

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Ensure a safe return to the office

Let your employees schedule their visits to the office based on predefined capacity limitations or implement a desk reservation system that enforces social distancing.

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Fit-to-purpose space suggestions

Friday PM smart room booking suggestions are based on planned activities and meeting purpose.

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Why Friday PM?

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Smart usage of office space and appliances reduces wastes and preserves resources

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Improve space usage efficiency to reduce cost of underutilized square footage

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Our office design mirrors your personality, reflects your needs and follows your style

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Allow more people to use the work space, while also improving their overall experience

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Smart office space is a powerful tool for creative thinkers and passionate workers

People Build Products - At Friday PM we are a cross-functional international team of experts that works on leveraging cutting edge tech to create a striking workplace of the future.

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Head of Product

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Product Manager

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Executive Business Partner

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Head of Digital Workplace Transformation

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Engineering Lead

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QA Lead

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Project Manager

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QA Engineer

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Software Engineer

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UX Designer

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Operations Engineer

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QA Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Software Engineer



Monthly per workplace user
Workplace management platform with interactive floor maps. Supports desk booking, meeting room booking and activity-based workplace organization.
* Hardware free solution


Monthly per workplace user
All the features of the essentials plan, plus cutting-edge analytics for further efficiency improvements based on actual utilization and occupancy levels.
* Required hardware cost is included into subscription


Monthly per workplace user
All the features of the standard plan, plus unlimited access to AI analytics, providing actionable insights on all aspects of your facility, including utilization, occupancy, environmental data and employee satisfaction ratings.
* Required hardware cost is included into subscription

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